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This newsletter is hitting your email inbox a little early. That’s because I’m getting ready to board a flight to Australia. Typically I write and send this on Saturday mornings. I won’t have a Saturday this week. Thanks, International Date Line.

It’s my first trip to Australia, and I’m hoping that I can fulfill my lifelong dream to swim with sharks.

I won’t be swimming with the Left Shark. Katy Perry owns the Left Shark. Or so her lawyers are trying to claim, demanding a takedown of a 3D printed copy of the creature.

Who controls an author’s work? It’s a question work asking in light of news (and lots of questions) this week about the forthcoming publication of Harper Lee’s second novel. “What is an @uthor?” asks Matthew Kirschenbaum.

Speaking of questions about authorship and authors’ work: “[Alan Turing’s lost notes discovered as crumpled insulation in Bletchley Park huts](” Wikipedia editor “Giraffedata” has some 15,000 edits to entries that mis-use the phrase “comprised of.” And speaking of readers: “You are totally unreliable Twitter” says Aaron Bady.

The history of the future of technology: a whole series by me on “The History of the Future of Education,” posted on Medium (and of course Hack Education). Alan Levine responds to my latest post on Sidney Pressey’s “Automatic Teacher” with one of the best MOOC mashups ever. Elsewhere: “Oculus Rex.” “The Next Internet is TV.” “Inside RadioShack’s Slow-Motion Collapse.” “All My Blogs Are Dead.” (“All our academic websites, also dead.”)

Back up your data! Own your own domain! And 3D print whatever you want!

Yours in struggle,


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