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“What Happened When The Chronicle Sat Down With Steve Jobs Back in 1998?” writes Jeffrey Young in The Chronicle of Higher Education. (You can listen to the audio of the interview here.) “Some of the best ideas we’ve ever had come from higher ed,” Jobs says. Go figure. There is a long history that connects education and technology, though you mightn’t know it if you listened to some of the pundits from the disrupto-sector or if you get all your info from Wikipedia.

Elsewhere in retro-tech: “The Future of the Web Is 100 Years Old” on Paul Otlet’s Mundaneum. And Jacqui Shine on Kukla, Fran and Ollie.

Responses: To Law & Order SVU’s “Gamergate” episode. To The New York Times suggesting that a tweet ruined Justine Sacco’s life.

Physics teacher Moses Rifkin wrote about “Teaching Social Justice in the Physics Classroom” – a wonderful series of posts – and you’ll never guess what happened next. (Actually, you probably will. Fox News picked up the story, blaming Rifkin for the US’s low achievement in math and science.)

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