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I wanted to make it easier for people to sign up for the various newsletters that I publish. Up until now, the only link I’ve provided on my sites is for the newsletter I send on Saturdays via Tinyletter.

I also send newsletters via Mailchimp – these are essentially RSS-to-email versions from Hack Education and my personal blog. The former comes out whenever I update the blog; the latter comes out once a week. (There is currently no RSS-to-email subscription for the posts I post on my “Known” site, I kind of like it that way, since I’m using that site as a sketchpad, of sorts, to think and write through ideas.)

To make a long story short: I’ve updated the Newsletter link that’s in the footer of all my sites so that it points to rather than just the Tinyletter sign-up page. Two clicks to sign up isn’t so streamlined, I suppose. Oh well.

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